Quanah, Texas
Performance Bred Angus Cattle
Robert R. Parker Estate
Sandra Parker, Owner
Dink Wilson, Ranch Manager

Oak Ridge Ranch History

Oak Ridge Ranch was founded by Robert R. Parker in 1990. The original 320 acres now includes 2500 acres pasture and 1500 acres farm land in Hardeman County, Texas, which is home to 250 registered black angus females. Oak Ridge Ranch sells over 200 performance tested bull and heifer seed stock annually.
Selection of the original foundation females focused on the best performance characteristics available. Performance was defined by those qualities that have enduring practical, economic values that included growth, carcass, maternal ability, and phenotype. Ranchers that have relied upon their angus herd to support multiple generations served as the source of Oak Ridge angus genetics.
The door is always to open to anyone that wants to visit. We welcome e-mails, phone calls, or personal visits. Do not hesitate to contact us.

Donor Cow "Thomas Queen 1198"
Reg #13822866-owned jointly with Remington Angus Ranch
Also home to the SVF Forever Lady 185 cow family
Reg #11699922
Embryos and females for sale

Private Treaty Sale
110 Service age performance tested bulls for sale
FLASH---2005 bull and heifer performance averages

Average 205 Weaning Weight
Average 365 Yearling Weight
Average Yearling IMF %
Average Yearling


Dink Wilson
Ranch Manager

Max Lewis
Cattle Herd Manager