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To Good To Be True?.....YES

The internet has many opportunities to be scammed. Some are on websites. Some come by email. They all have something in common, only the scammer makes any money. If you are offered a "sure thing 1000% profit" check out Quatloos! by Financial & Tax Fraud Education Associates, Inc. A Non-Profit Corporation.

This website seeks to educate you about certain types of financial frauds, how these deals really work, and how you can manage your risk of financial fraud...

Personal Financial Planning

Financial Calculators
Simple, Compound, Mortgage Calculators and more

CBS MarketWatch
Up to the minute financial news and quotes

Motley Fool
Their motto, "To Educate, Amuse and Enrich". An alternative but valuable view of financial news and advice.

Commodity Futures
News and Information for the serious investor

Big Charts
Quotes and Charting tools for the investor

On-Line Stock Broker

Charles Schwab
On-Line Stock Broker

Business Reference Source (subscription required for some services)

Internal Revenue Service
Official government website, information, forms


Visit The Motley Fool

Business Resources

Business Filings On-Line
Corporate filings, business related services

Legal Documents On-Line
Access standard contracts, legal references (Fees for some contract forms)

Accounting Reference Information
Financial web site offering news, information and tools.

Internet Web Hosting
Recommended Texas web host and Domain registrar

Payroll Calculator
Free paycheck calculator

Motley Fool's Glossary of Financial Terms

No one likes jargon, especially when it comes to talking about finances. If you've come across any terms you don't understand, you may find them explained here.

Motley Fool Glossary



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